Let’s face it – we’re about to move into 2022, and if you don’t understand the importance of having a mobile-friendly website by now, maybe you never will.

Mobile usage is now a key connector, in an increasing range of ways, and providing an optimized, engaging mobile experience is key to maximizing your business performance.

Yes, it can cost time and money to optimize your mobile presence, but in the vast majority of cases, that investment will likely pay off, as more and more people are likely seeking information on their mobile device, and are more likely to go with the provider who’s website is responsive, engaging and answers their key queries, quickly and easily.

There’s a reason why Google factors in mobile performance as a search ranking factor.

Underlining this, the team from 2Flow have put together this infographic outlining the importance of having a mobile-friendly website, now and in future.

It could be worth re-checking your site as part of your 2022 preparations.


Source: Social Media Today